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About Us

Hello All,

I took the word of advice to present a blog site in an area that I enjoy!

With an on-the-go and busy lifestyle, I focused on those moments of pause, which encompasses ‘leisure’.  So, I curated a collection of articles that I found of interest to share an array of INTERESTING PEOPLE, PLACES & THINGS.   We hope that you are curious to see what’s next and will frequent our BLOG SITE in YOUR leisure from the your laptop or mobile device.

If you may know of a person, place or thing with ‘interesting’ attributes, then give us a shout, as we proactively seek connections with special attributes that resonate!  We’d love if you choose to subscribe, follow and comment with us at CEOGoGlobal.com.  

Yours in leisure,

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CEOGoGlobal is a subsidiary of Business Concepts Accelerated, LLC (@BCAB2BLive)

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Who Is She?

CEO Go Global #BLOG site celebrates the many facets of brilliant women with revealing stories about INTERESTING PEOPLE, PLACES & THINGS!

She… encompasses the many facets of the compelling wo/man. #bloggerpamela follow The experience, journey and expertise is undeniable.

> She is swift to change and gets done what is needed.

> She has swag to challenge the best of the best.

> She commands the boardroom table.

>She has streamlined focus.

> She is smart & savvy.

> She works hard, she plays hard.

> She knows her worth.

> She enjoys catching up with the #CEOGoGlobalBLOG for INTERESTING articles about people. places. and things. surrounding lifestyle & design. She is on the go, but enjoys her leisure.


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CEO Go Global finds INTERESTING stories that display the inner essence of good natured people doing extraordinary things in life!


CEO Go Global spotlights INTERESTING places across the world to rediscover in your travels that evoke immersive experiences from across the world.


CEO Go Global embraces all facets of lifestyle & design to bring BLOG articles that may intrigue the sensories of the soul about INTERESTING things in life!

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