Vanda Teixeira Saitowitz: Love, Honor & Wisdom Founder

The urban futurist who has published work on women’s economic empowerment and the women’s economy named Vanda Teixeira. She is an award-winning and internationally recognized businesswoman, fashion designer, the inventor of Tools for Your Soul™, and intuitive life coach.  She has helped thousands of women bring out their fullest potential and collectively change the world […]

Toni Vaz: The Untold Legend Who Uplifts Black Hollywood Image

The PHONOMENAL LIFE of TONI VAZ She was an ACTOR, MODEL & ACTIVIST.  Be astounded & outraged as we APPLAUD HER on her life’s’ journey. FROM STUNT WOMAN TO ACTIVISM Toni Vaz’s parents were from Barbados, who immigrated to New York City before Toni was born.  Growing up with a strict Caribbean Mother raising four […]