Adebayo Jones

Adebayo Jones Remains Passionate for Women’s Haute Culture

Adebayo Jones is one of the most famous and African designers in Europe, known as the ‘Godfather of Fashion,.’ Since he debuted the fashion scene, Jones has received rewards, including the BEFFTA Lifetime Achievement Award (2011) and many other fashion prizes. 

How It All Started

Before starting his brand, Jones heard about London’s most influential fashion designers, such as Katherine Hamn and other individuals from the Central School of Fashion. That’s where he found his passion.

He gained international recognition thanks to his love of designing and dressing ladies quickly. It led to more opportunities, with the fashion industry following in the UK and beyond, where his beautiful designs have not fallen short of expectations.

When he was very young, Ms. Jones gained a well-deserved reputation for elegant designs and has founded herself as a true trailblazer in the industry, establishing her own identity as a top woman’s dress designer. Now, Mr. Adebayo Jones has been running an influential fashion industry as a consultant and on-air host for nearly two decades.

With respect to cut garments and manufacturing clothes, he runs a company. He has trained some people in fashion design and receives a significant amount of instruction in fashion marketing and brand creation.

When did his fashion sense of style begin?

It’s always been my interest. I’ve always loved being creative. 

It’s the whole concept as well as the imagination. 

There was one time when I was 12 – it was when I walked past the supermarket, I saw a t-shirt in the window and the design immediately came to mind, and I thought, “That’s a great shirt!” 

Therefore, I have bugged and pestered my mother for some funds, and she was able to scrape together enough to enable me to obtain it. I returned home in a high state of excitement, and she inquired what this shirt was for. There were words written on the front of the label that said, “I’M REALLY FAMOUS!” Now, I think to myself, “Did I see the future of this company when I took this tshirt? That sounds nuts, but maybe I did.”

College gave me my opportunity. One of the students performed very well in fashion design, and I said to myself, “If she can do that, so can I!” When the next year arrived, I was fully prepared. I had never been able to show my work so well in university before. Even though I studied history and sociology, I ended up with a title as a fashion designer.

How Do You Find Your Talent?

It’s what I instinctively thought. This is your life. This is what you’re meant to be doing. I’m going to win, no matter what it takes. This was an epiphany, and I could be happy all my life. My intuition and passion were both crying out, and I waited for my instinct and gut and intuition to tell me something. It made sense to me. And I’m so glad I got the chance to try it.

In your opinion, what matters to you as a fashion designer?

The central ethos of my mission has been to design garments with clean lines, luxurious fabrics, and distinctive detailing. Whoever wears my designs should gains self-confidence as well. I believe in beauty for all. A significant part of my goal is to help people discover their self-confidence and recognize beauty. a venue where they can find their style in the clothing they create.

PS: If you want to know more about Adebayo Jones, you can follow his podcast here

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