Goddess Ivy Sagarius Awakens the Womb with The Real Yoni Pearls

How do you feel when you look at the calendar and find that only after two days, you will be on those dreaded periods?

Will you be scared?

Will you think about cramps? Otherwise, your concern can be about the upcoming mood swings or backache.

If you are those lucky women who take periods in a stride, consider yourself lucky.

But if you are that woman who is thinking ‘Who the hell are these ‘lucky’ women!!!’, Goddess Ivy Sagarius is the only living goddess to help you.

Specializing in womb health and vaginal detox, the goddess can heal your troubles with the swish of a wand – or maybe with a handful of herbs.

Ivy Sagarius and Her Contributions

Before we proceed, let’s learn a few facts about Ivy Sagarius. The owner and president of Seanjari Preeti, Ivy is the inventor of the ‘original’ Yoni Pearls. She bases her strengths on constant learning and growth and believes in the healing power of natural elements.

Her commendable invention was conceived when she worked on a project with the National Black Women’s Health Project in 1995. This project prompted her to learn more about wombs and their magic. Later, her years-long research on women’s bodies, especially on their reproductive systems, allowed her to give life to her creation, Yoni Pearls in 2009.

She is attuned to womanly problems including vaginal infections, menstruation dysfunctions, reproductive traumas, cysts, and cancers. If you are thinking that her work is targeted towards ailing women only, you still have lots to learn about her. Her renowned Yoni Pearls are known to detoxify the vagina; thus, making it healthier. These Pearls are just as effective for healthy women as they are for those suffering from reproductive health issues.

Yoni Pearls make just one facet of services for women from Ivy. Others include her consultation services for reproductive health. She regularly helps women overcome traumas from past reproductive and sexual traumas. These include recovery from STDs, yeast infection, vaginosis, PCOS, and fibroid. Moreover, women also trust her and her healing recommendations to improve their chances of pregnancy and healthy delivery. 

She also helps women by collaborating with her chemist in producing the right treatment for them. The process starts with women highlighting their condition and their specific biology and, based on this information, Ivy consults with her chemist to create a custom solution for that particular problem.

She believes in empowerment through knowledge sharing. A woman’s reproductive system is complex and mysterious. Yes, there are lots of scientific studies on this system and its functions and dysfunctions, the knowledge is still in the growing phase. And not all of these developments are known by the masses.

This shouldn’t be the case. Ivy advocates widespread knowledge and understanding about one’s body. And she does so by explaining intricate topics in simple words.

Seanjari Preeti – A World of Healing

Being the inventor of the ‘original’ Yoni Pearls, she knows the ins and outs of this product and claims that only twelve such Pearls are curated till now. Only her company, Seanjari  Preeti is the only manufacturer and distributor of these Pearls. It has a registered trademark with the name, ‘Womb Healing Vaginal Pearls’.

In addition to her legendary Yoni Pearls, Ivy also offers other modes of solutions for vaginal and womb health. Most women cure themselves with simple changes in their lifestyle because of Ivy’s teachings. Others have to take more intense measures like general Yoni Pearl. Still, others resort to natural healings like different kinds of honey, tinctures, Yoni steams, and botanical apothecary.

Although reproductive health makes the cornerstone of the services of Goddess Sagarius, she is not limited to this area only. She believes in holistic health. You can see this all-inclusive approach in how she addresses vaginal health issues. Her Pearls address each and every trauma within the Yoni to restore complete health.

This holistic approach of her goes beyond sexual health and enters the realms of mental health, total wellness, and longevity. Other than herbs, Ivy stimulates these healings with gemstones and oils.

Not to mention, Yoni Pearl makes the leading product among all packages offered by this company.

The company offers hand-blended products which are processed in South Carolina. Ivy is FDA registered. Her business upholds the mission of constant support for prevention and awareness of STD.

Yoni Pearls to Detox Vagina

These Pearls are magic bullets to heal vaginal issues. In construction, they are different herbs wrapped in mesh cloths.

The healing process starts with a woman choosing the right Pearl for her condition. If her only need is to balance vaginal health and detox it, she can choose the general Pearl. Note that the healing impact depends on the right choice.

The next step after getting the right Pearl is placing it in the vagina. Ivy recommends keeping them there for up to 72 hours. Once this time lapses, women take these Pearls out and may experience excessive discharge for the next three days.

This healing process of six days is enough to restore balance in the womb. By using these, Ivy claims, even a 50-year-old woman can detoxify toxins of the past 50 years from her womb. Some common ailments which can be healed using these Pearls include Hidradenitis, PCOS, Endometriosis, and fibroids.

You can check out her marvelous contributions to femininity at www.SEANJARIPREETI.COM
And if you would like to try the REAL YONI PEARLS products, then Ivy has offered the promo code to our readers. Please use: CEOGoGlobal at checkout.

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